Created to bring life and adventure to our community.

Busy professionals struggle to find the time and consistency to work on their health and fitness goals, we provide the structure, the tools and our constant support to get you to become a high performer who is confident in their appearance and fitness.

We have created an unbreakable community of like-minded professionals thriving to become the best version of themself. With access to our groups, pages and education process you can be sure you will succeed alongside the people already inside our system.

We prioritise the longevity of your life, career and performance. By ensuring you can exercise injury-free for a long time is invaluable to your fitness goals. By using the NUEVO framework we can guide you to a life of pain-free exercise whilst looking great.


Reach Out To The Team

Book in for a free consult call to find out if and how NUEVO can help you take control of your life, health and fitness.



If you are a great fit for our team we will host a zoom call where we can dive deep into the results you are after, learn your background and fill out a detailed onboarding form.



We will conduct an assessment of  your strength, conditioning and mobility to get an accurate idea of where you're at and how you move. We will then begin to understand your past experience, injuries, nutritional requirements and so forth.


Your Custom Plan

Our goal is to help you move well, perform at a high level and transform your lifestyle and habits from the inside out.

Each week you will get your workout schedule delivered straight to your APP which is carefully designed inline with your goals. Inside the APP you can also provide videos of your technique for feedback, fill out your weekly check-in and record your nutritional info.

Rob Bradburn

Ryan has been training me weekly since early spring 2021.

“He has been amazing at working around my hectic work schedule. Looking back at my journey so far, Ryan’s well structured program has had a significant impact to my fitness and overall well-being. It was a slower start than I expected, but I realise this was deliberate so Ryan could ensure I learned the correct techniques with my posture whilst he built on my progress and functional strength each week. I am very pleased with the progress I have made, my posture has totally improved and the top half of my chest is far more defined than before. My back is also far more flexible, and touch wood I’ve had no back pains or issues that have affected me a lot in the past. Thanks Ryan!”

Dan lines

Nuevo will push you in the right direction on health.

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ryan 2 years ago in a commercial gym, he was always going to progress with his own business, sometimes you meet people and instantly know they will do great things, Ryan is one of those people. If you are looking for Coaching with Ryan or one of his team you can't ask for much more. Nuevo will push you in the right direction on health, well-being, headspace and fitness, what ever your level and goal.”

Jason Bridgman

Ryan was great from the off set. Listened and has helped me achieve 8kg weight loss in a sustained and controlled way.

“As a busy senior manager it has been a challenge to achieve a work life balance let alone time for myself. Lockdown came and so did bad habits of working ridiculous hours, lunch breaks that were non existent and poor diet. Something had to change before detrimental impacts of increased weight occurred and also my wellbeing. Luckily, I came across Ryan at Nuevo and explained my situation and Ryan was great from the off set. Listened and has helped me achieve 8kg weight loss in a sustained and controlled way. To say that was all would be unfair, Ryan has helped me become fitter than I can remember in a long time. Ryan teaches you the correct movements to avoid injury. Taking time for me and improving my fitness has a had a direct positive correlation to improved productivity and quality at work and happier family life. Just wish I'd started sooner. ”

  • Keep you accountable to your goals with regular check-ins
  • Keep you progressing with your fitness with expert coaching
  • Offer support with any of your daily problems via our APP
  • Guide your nutrition for long term, sustainable success to aid fat loss or muscle gain